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01 July 2012 @ 01:26 pm
I cannot fix on the hour, or the look, or the words, which laid the foundation.  
STICKY; characters & pairings

celeb crushes; cécile cassel; julie benz; sarah michelle gellar; emily browning; anna paquin; anna popplewell; rachel mcadams; nikki reed; kristen stewart; alex pettyfer; gaspard ulliel; hugh jackman; gerard butler; robert downey jr; matthew macfadyen, colin firth

pride and prejudice;
characters; mr darcy, mr bingley, miss jane bennet, miss elizabeth bennet, caroline bingley
couples; mr. darcy/elizabeth bennet, mr. bingley/jane bennet

characters; edward cullen; rosalie hale; bella swan; tanya; emmett cullen;
couples; edward/bella; rosalie/edward; tanya/rosalie;

the mortal instruments series;
characters; clary fray; jace wayland; isabelle lightwood
couples; clary/jace, magnus/alec, isabelle/jace

characters; wolverine; rogue; cyclops; professor xavier; mystique;
couples; wolverine/rogue; wolverine/mystique; cyclops/rogue

characters; peter pevensie; susan pevensie;
couples; peter/susan;

btvs & a:ts;
characters; buffy summers; cordelia chase; wesley wyndam-pryce; angel; spike; angelus;
couples; buffy/angel; buffy/angelus; cordelia/doyle; cordelia/xander

instant star;
characters; jude harrison; tommy quincy; jamie andrews
couples; jude/tommy

veronica mars;
characters; logan echolls; veronica mars; wallace fennel; kendall casablancas;
couples; logan/veronica; kendall/logan

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listening: Church - Under the Milky Way